Sunday, July 31, 2016

     Thanks SEW much for wanting to following along with me on my Blog!  After talking with a few of you, I realize that not everybody is on Facebook!  So......this will be a way that everyone can keep up with me and the Shop!
     It seems like since last September when we were vendors at our first AQS Show in Chattanooga, things have been moving very fast!   This will be a great way for me to let you follow me around at the Shows and see what me and Tom are up too!
And a way to see all of the new designs I am working on!  And I will be starting a wool project that you will be able to get the patterns for free on here!!!!
   Tomorrow, Aug 1st at 4 pm, I will be on American Patchwork and Quilting Podcast with Pat Sloan!!!  She stopped by my booth at a Quilt Show in Chantilly, Virginia in June, and asked if she could interview me on her Podcast!!!!  And I didn't have to think twice.....of course she can!!!  So this is going to be a new experience!  The radio station is calling me at the Shop tomorrow, just a few minutes before 4:00.  And Pat Sloan is going to be on there and interview me.....LIVE!!!!  So whatever I say....I can't take back!  This might not be a good thing!  LOL!  I will look forward to seeing what you all post on here after the Podcast!
    Thanks again!!!
                Vicki McCarty


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Hello from Vancouver!


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